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Clients and Associates depend on us to help them navigate the complex world of finance. We love the work we do but the ‘significance’ of protecting the hard-earned wealth of our clients is our chief reason for getting up each morning.



Direct, Proven Past Results. We believe it is our collaborative approach that helps create these results. Moreover, our track record with the clients we have worked with have many times beaten standard investment benchmarks, on a net basis, over an entire market cycle.


Integrity and Accountability. In every meeting and interaction, we will discuss the things that went well, the things that didn’t go so well, and the reasons why. We won’t hide from unexpected outcomes, we won’t only highlight the good and ignore any bad, and most importantly we won’t blame someone else. We will be transparent with what we do and the reasons we do it. We will not just tell you what you want to hear, but be honest with our advice and back it up with solid research as to why we recommend what we do.


Collaborative Approach. Too often investment advisors are arrogant or dismissive about your concerns. We are not. You have an important responsibility to help protect the hard-earned resources of you and your family – our job is to work with you to help mitigate risks, protect capital and insure the long-term viability of assets.


Responsive Service Model. Certainly, the research we do as a firm can, and does benefit each and every client, however the service needs of each and every client can be, and often are, quite different. We feel a service model that places a priority on the unique needs of each client are more important than trying to serve many clients by making them fit into one of a few standard models. For us, the quality of our service is much more important than the number of clients any one adviser can serve.


Cost Effectiveness. As a very efficient firm, we have the ability to craft solution’s that will lower both the investment advisory fees we charge as well as keep costs low from other investment providers.


Passion for Service. Our clients often have a passion for service … and so do we. We have served (or are serving) as elected officials, municipal board appointees, public pension board members, leaders and board members of several charitable organizations. We know the personal and time sacrifice you often make to serve your family and community and we seek to always make that work easier and less stressful for you in everything we do.


Focus on Research and Preparation. Even as a new firm, we have made the financial and time commitments to fund and utilize institutional level research tools. At the start of each and every day we receive several research reports from the day prior, and ask ourselves the question “is there anything we’ve learned this morning that makes us change our approach to our client’s portfolios”. Often the answer is “no”, but in this world of quickly changing data and events we feel this daily look is required to identify important changes in the market and/or global economies. Big changes can happen overnight and we want to be prepared and we want our clients to be prepared in those instances for those changes.




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